Barry Campbell

  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • TPi Level 1 - Golf Training

Growing up in East Tennessee, fitness and health was not always at the top of my priorities. Even though I was very active in sports, weight control was always a problem throughout my teen and early adult years. Early on I followed my first love of writing to become an award winning sports journalist while working in the newspaper/magazine industry. Although being a fulfilling career path, the sedative nature of the field did nothing to help my weight issues. Several years later with a body weight that was traveling north of 300 pounds I decided to make a change. What started off as a journey to finish up my Mass Communications degree at Middle Tennessee State University turned into a total career and life change. 

A part time job at a nutrition store, while attending school, sparked my interest in a healthy lifestyle. That interest turned into a passion that guided me to change my major, lifestyle, and future. After a change to the Exercise Science degree path with a minor in Nutrition, I not only studied the theory of exercise prescription and nutrition, I put that knowledge to practice and lost over 100 pounds, completely changing my life in the process. That experience along with the knowledge and passion I have for the fitness industry has allowed me to flourish in the field after obtaining my Exercise Science degree. Since graduating, I have helped form two fitness based businesses including TriFit Murfreesboro LLC that calls the Middle Tennessee area home. 

Many clients over the years have used my coaching and counseling to obtain goals that once seemed out of reach. I enjoy working with all types of clients but my passion lies with turning young athletes into collegiate athletes. Hard work in the weight room shows up on the field and I enjoy fostering young athletes during that process.