Jordan Williams

  • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • TPi Level 1 - Golf Training
  • M.S. Exercise Science

  Strength and conditioning has always been a passion for me. throughout my life I've been a multi sport athlete, and I can accredit my success to the hard work I learned in a weight room.

  During my undergraduate degree, I began doing an internship at Franklin Road Academy in Nashville, TN. It was there that I learned how young athletes should correctly be developed for the next level, whether that's high school or college. After being hired on at FRA as an assistant strength and conditioning coach, I achieved my National Strength and Conditioning Association-Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification.

  After a year of professional development, I enrolled in MTSU's graduate exercise science program. As a part of my requirements for grad school, I was a volunteer strength coach with MTSU's strength and conditioning department and I gained valuable knowledge on how to prepare and train athletes at the next level.

I began working with Tri-Fit in April of 2012 and continue to help people strive to better themselves. I decided to further my studies of strength and conditioning and have earned a USA weightlifting level 1 certification.

from experience, I can definitely say there's not a better team to train with than Tri-Fit