Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to shape their lives through the balance of nutrition, cardio, and weight training.

As exercise specialists we can help you achieve any and all of your personal fitness goals including:

-Weight loss (training and programing)

-Sport Specific Training  (training and programing)

-Bodybuilding/Figure Competitions  (training and programing)

-Olympic Weightlifting (training and programing)

-Functional Training

-HIIT Training 


-Nutrition advice, tips, and counseling

-Mobility work

-Injury recovery exercise 

About US

Tri Fit Murfreesboro is a team driven fitness company designed to guide and mold you into a healthier lifestyle. No matter if you are a college bound athlete, an aging grandmother wanting to out pace her grand kids, or anything in-between Tri Fit Murfreesboro has someone for you.

As experts in the field of Health and Fitness, our formally educated and certified personal trainers will provide you with programing and instruction using a scientific and safe approach.

Our team's ability to use diverse exercise techniques and nutrition manipulation in the design and implementation of your health journey gives Tri Fit Murfreesboro a unique value. In an industry that keeps pushing to specialization we are still a one-stop-shop for all fitness needs.

“For a man to conquer himself is the first, and the noblest of all victories”
— Plato